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Technology is fundamentally changing the way healthcare is delivered. The pace of that change is accelerating as the environment in which we operate changes.  Partnering with Castagno Enterprises is one of the ways you can stay on the leading edge of these changes.

Data is becoming more mobile - but is it more useful?  Technologies like electronic health records are changing the nature of the interaction between patients and providers - making the whole process more effective and more efficient. They are also producing and storing gigabytes and terabytes of data. Health Exchanges (HIE) are new and potentially disruptive platforms.  

Your business success will come from a clear Integration strategy and thoughtful execution.  Our consultants understand the full spectrum of healthcare technology and are passionate about using it to transforming capabilities into business value of our clients.

At Castagno Enterprises, we know that every client’s needs are unique and different.  That’s why we approach each client and each engagement with a fresh eye and a distinct, creative solution.

Typically, our solutions focus on strategyexecution, and/or optimization, often employing one or more technology platforms.