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For the CIO

As Chief Information Officer, my focus is on how to satisfy the organization’s needs around technology, innovation, security, and operations - on a limited budget. Not only are we in the middle of an ambulatory EMR implementation, I also need to consider and implement solutions for interoperability and network integration. These are key strategic goals for my organization and they are highly capital-intensive.  It is imperative that our decisions are the right ones at the right time for the right price. In addition to supporting the strategic and operational needs of the business, I also have to make sure that our systems support relevant regulatory requirements - both today and tomorrow.

Castagno Enterprises Consulting offers the CIO:

  • A strategic perspective on healthcare information technology (HIT)
  • A pragmatic approach to enterprise-level program management, with the ability to break down large projects into manageable chunks - and then execute using proven methodology
  • An impartial resource who can evaluate third-party vendors and solutions
  • Expert advice and program management in areas such as electronic health records, health information exchanges, and compliance
  • Assessment of existing HIT implementations
  • A trusted partner who can collaborate, coach, inform, advise as a peer