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As Chief Financial Officer, one of my top priorities is accelerating the cash conversion cycle. That makes our business healthier, and it keeps our bondholders and trustees happy. I understand that new technology is one potential way to do this, but I need to be sure that the investments we’re making are the right investments and that we limit our risk. I need to maximize the return on our capital spending.

And because of all the fundamental changes that are happening in the market we are seeing lots of regulatory shifts. Business and technology are outpacing the regulatory environment which makes our investment decisions even riskier. I need to understand the regulatory environment, business needs, and technology options to steer our investment in the right direction.

Castagno Enterprises Consulting offers the CFO:

  • Impartial advice on business-critical technology investment decisions, based on clear understanding of the client’s business, deep understanding every aspect of the healthcare revenue cycle, and years of experience in the HIT domain
  • A clear vision of how to allocate resources for maximum value over the long term while minimizing risk
  • Insights into the fast-changing healthcare market and regulatory market
  • A trusted partner who can collaborate, coach, inform, advise as a peer

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