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For the CEO

As Chief Executive Officer, much of my attention is focused on the strategy and growth of my network and health system. I need to balance growth with the organization’s capacity to adapt to change while growing revenue and managing expenses. I can influence both revenue and expenses with careful investment in capital, which I need to justify to many stakeholders, including the Board of Trustees.

One major investment area for us now is affiliation and network integration. If done properly, with prudent capital investment we can continue to attract top physicians and through them new patients.  From a strategic perspective, I have to consider the needs of the staff - how they interact and communicate, and what systems they use. Then there’s the technology that supports these abilities (some is new, some is less new, and some has been around for decades). We need all these systems to talk to one another. Operationally, network integration is definitely a challenge because these systems affect every part of the organization. And of course, this is expensive, and I need to be sure I’m spending on the right resources.
But at the end of the day, it’s all about optimizing the limited resources within my organization – people, money, and time.

Castagno Enterprises Consulting offers the CEO:

  • Impartial advice on business-critical technology investment decisions, based on a clear understanding of the client’s business, a deep understanding every aspect of the healthcare revenue cycle, and years of experience in the HIT domain
  • A clear vision of how to allocate resources for maximum value over the long term while minimizing risk
  • The confidence to justify major capital spending decisions to key stakeholders (such as a board of trustees) with a solid plan to back them up
  • Hands-on project program management of key technology initiatives, with complete knowledge transfer to the client team (if desired)
  • A trusted partner who can collaborate, coach, inform, advise as a peer