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Today's healthcare reform is not solely directed at providers but is also having a significant impact on consumers and employers. Payors are now creating incentives for healthy lifestyle choices and maintaining positive health indicators. One example is tiered premiums based on basic health indicators like BMI, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and weight. This new approach creates a direct financial impact on both the consumer and employer for poor behavior in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So what is an employee or employer to do to mitigate this financial exposure? Education alone is not a sufficient answer, most individuals are well aware of the negative impact of not living a healthy lifestyle yet continue to make poor choices or put off addressing health issues for as long as possible. It is time for a coordinated effort and partnership between employers and employees to develop a corporate wellness thought and program. CE can assist you in developing your program to suit the specific needs of your employees, working with you to understand the requirements of your insurance carrier and devising specific programs and strategies to help guide your employees to optimum health. We offer a combination of healthcare providers, nutritionists, personal trainers, and insurance specialists to develop a program that is unique to your company and employees. 

Corporate Wellness