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Mr. Castagno has created product launch and deployment programs, enterprise EHR/ EMR integration and delivery programs , customer service initiatives, and service delivery models for some of the country’s major vendors of practice management systems and EDI services, as well as other software application vendors.

Mr. Castagno’s began his career in healthcare managing medical practices and imaging centers. This early experience combined with healthcare clinical and information systems and operations background creates a unique blend of skills and understanding of today’s healthcare environment.

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Joseph Castagno, President, is an accomplished healthcare information systems and corporate operations development and management executive, with more than twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry.

Perception is Reality

Physician expectation realignment is a key ingredient in creating the perception of success. As cynical as this sounds it is important as a leadership or project team that we remember who our primary client is; the physician and their perception of success or failure will rapidly become your reality.

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  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • ACO Coordination and Development
  • Business and Technology Strategy Alignment
  • Project management of enterprise business and clinical information system implementations
  • Practice mangement and abulatory system (i.e. EHR) selections and implementaitons
  • Strategic alignment of clinical quality measurement and community health information networks (HIE) to increase network value

Castagno Enterprises Healthcare Consulting works with leading large group practices, physician networks, and hospital systems. We provide a wide range of consulting services, focusing on strategy, execution, optimization, and technology. We work closely with C-level executives and their teams to transform their organizations using our pragmatic approach to technology enablement.

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